I work with a wide range of items, from restoring Family Bibles dating in the 1500s to creating new leather bindings for a favorite best seller. Below are the items I currently work with and some of the services I offer.

Currently Accepting:

  • Family Bibles
  • Personal Bibles
  • Antique Books
  • Custom Bindings
  • Paper Documents

Services Offered:

  • Deacidification of paper and text-block sewing structure in order to slow down paper deterioration
  • Resewing and/or regluing text-blocks in order to make spines tight and functional
  • Casing text-blocks into new cloth and leather bindings
  • Restoring original leather and cloth bindings
  • Creating custom leather and cloth bindings for modern books
  • Replacing cracked and worn spines with custom leather and cloth spines
  • Repairing mold, water, and handling damage such as tears and folds
  • Building custom clam-shell boxes to protect fragile books
  • Creating custom archival housing to protect fragile documents
  • Digital copies of fragile material
  • Preservation consultation